Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Survival of an Ant..luck or...

Last week I attended an interview, knowing not what to do until my turn I picked a conversation with a fellow candidate.

The first thing he asked me was ‘why are you searching for a job’, I have been asked this question several times by all the companies I have interviewed for and always I have given this cliché answer –BETTER CAREER PROSPECTS (whatever that means), but he had a very different reason-“My Manager ill-treated me, was not given my share of credit and wanted to prove a point to him” and he very well did; he had more than 4 offers in hand!

That made me realize a fact that there is nothing like LUCK for SUCCESS, it’s MOTIVATION. It is a pre-conceived notion that Success is 99% Hard Work and 1 %( at least) Luck, some also feel it is GOD’s Grace (let’s not even get into dissecting it, for me being an atheist I can go on and on about it).

Hardly people realize that there is some motivation behind their success. Sometimes Motivation can be in the form of Passion; if you are Passionate about doing something or achieving something then you hardly care about the outcome and plunge into doing it until you succeed. Be it Business tycoons or sportsperson they are passionate about their work which drives them to success. A lot of rags to riches stories are good example of motivation and determination.

There is a fine line between motivation and luck. If you do well in exams you would have had a motivation of proving yourself to your parents or the gift that they would have promised you on good marks in school; You bagged a great job offer it would be a motivation of having a handsome package or you would be irritated with your Manager or Jealous that your colleagues are doing better than you are currently. It need not be that huge, a simple thing like cooking a good meal or dressing up well could also be for simple motivating factor like appreciation. But sadly failure is attributed to being unlucky, hardly people realize its lack of motivation and determination.

Luck comes into picture when you bear the outcome of somebody else’s actions, where you are not a player but still you enjoy the fruit of it! You can call yourself lucky to have such good parents who always there for you or unlucky if they are not there always for you ;-) Mrs.Ambani or Mrs.Mittal can be called lucky as they are enjoying the success of their celebrated successful husbands but not Mr.Ambani or Mr.Mittal, as they have worked hard for whatever they are today.

LUCK and SUCCESS are two different things, as said -
Motivation triggers luck- MIKE WALLACE

According to me

SUCCESS=Hard work (smart work to be precise) + (motivation *determination).


  1. amazing !!! well put..a nice read ..its always important to have the fire and strive till you do justice to your potential ..

  2. well written!!...i liked the de-linking of Luck and Success...coz generally Luck (or the lack of it) is the last refuge of the failure.
    Work as though you will never fail...and you shall find a way around failure to success.
    Keep Writing!!!

  3. I can see a different side of you through your blogs... What you are normally and the blogs that you write are completely different and poles apart!

  4. Truly inspiring ! Now the butterfly has started flying high :)